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Whether you walk in to ARPC as an interested seeker, a circulating saint, local or returnee graduate, or as a temporary resident in Singapore to study or work; or if you are a new migrant swept onto Singapore shores as part of the tidal wave of globalisation, we welcome you and delight in introducing you to know, love, and serve God.


To a Bible-centered and Christ-like community committed to growing in love for God, God’s people, God’s world.

ARPC@ Adam

25 Adam Road Singapore 289894

Main Gatherings:

English (Sat@5pm & Sun@9am & 11:30am)

Children’s Church (Sat@5pm & Sun@9am & 11:30am)

Rhoda (Filipino) Ministry (1st & 3rd Sat@5pm, Spore Bible College)

Tabitha (Indonesian) Ministry (Sat@5pm, Singapore Bible College)

ARPC@ Bishan

8A Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579795

Main Gatherings:

English (Sun@9:00am & 11:30am)

Mandarin (Sun@9:15am)

Children’s Church (Sun@9am)

BASIC (Youth) Sat@5pm

          25 Adam Road Singapore 289894

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Summer Berries Moussecake

Culinary Arts Ministry

18 October 2015

Come join us for another easy no-bake session with a brand new recipe.  Learn how to make SUMMER BERRIES MOUSSE CAKE with Shirley Wong.  While waiting for the cake to set, we are treated to a brief talk on how this ties in with God and our world. Register here.

Glorious Dust

BASIC Camp 2015 (Singapore Sports School)

11-14 Dec 2015

BASIC will be learning about what it means to be human from God’s Word. It is open to all aged between 12-25 including the P6ers. Registration starts on 19 Sep. There will be sign up booths after Sat 5pm and Sun 9am services for 2 weekends. Those who come for 1130am service can come before service to sign up. The booths will be at the sheltered carpark for Adam and KCPSS canteen for Bishan. The cost is $90 per youth and payment is by cheque only. Pls email if you have any enquiries. Download reg form.

God’s Word Is True

Children’s Church Camp 2015

4-6 Dec 2015

Registration has started at the sheltered carpark (ARPC@Adam) and KCPSS Canteen (ARPC@Bishan). Camp leaders and helpers are needed. For enquiries please contact Karen Leo at 98395757/ (Primary Age) or Marie Lim at 96196028/ (Pre-School Age) for details.

Discovering Christianity (DC)

4 October to 1 Nov (2pm-3:30pm)

ARPC@Bishan, Praise Hall

Come and discover the big answers to the big questions of life in this eye-opening series of studies. Contact Pastor Roger Chia at for more info.